First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) BC Evaluation Consultant for the Joint Project Board (November 2015)

Naotkamegwanning First Nation 360-Degree Assessment Performance Appraisal (July 2015)

Williams Consulting was contracted to carry out a 360-degree assessment performance appraisal for Naotkamegwanning First Nation. The role of Williams Consulting was to collect information and present to Chief and Council to assist them with their performance appraisal.

Bimose Tribal Council 360-Degree Assessment Performance Appraisal (June 2015)

Williams Consulting was contracted to carry out a 360-degree assessment performance appraisal for Bimose Tribal Council. The 360-degree appraisal focuses on the goals and objectives of the strategic plan and directs the organization’s resources in the strengthening of its primary staff leader.

Iskatewizaagegan Independent First Nations HSIF Governance (2015)

Williams Consulting continues to work with Iskatewizaagegan Independent First Nation in designing an alternative health service delivery model.  This involves an innovative and strength-based approach to forge direct partnerships with private, First Nation, Aboriginal organization, provincial and federal service providers.  The overarching goal of this Alternative Service Delivery Model is to address the community’s emerging social and health priorities in areas including child and adult mental health, palliative care, chronic care and illicit substance abuse.

Development of a System of integrated Mental Health and Addiction Services between First Nations, Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Services (March 2015)

Williams Consulting is supporting Iskatewizaagegan Independent First Nation’s Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF) Minweyaanigoziwin project where the goal is to work with appropriate partners to increase access to mental health and addiction services for First Nation citizens in the Kenora area by developing an integrated system of care.  The purpose of the HSIF is to support, promote and advance the integration of health services, which are currently being provided by the provincial and federal government; it is not about the creation of new services.  The project funding will not be used to provide/purchase mental health and addictions services, but to develop an integrated system from existing services that are not currently accessed in a meaningful way by the participating communities.  The project is achieving notable success and has represented Ontario region at national gatherings as a promising practice.

Serpent River First Nation Status Assessment of Health Transfer (June 2014)

Williams Consulting was contracted to undertake a management audit of the status of Health transfer including implementation of the five year community health plan.  A review of the agreement, workplans and implementation of the evaluation plan with health staff was conducted.  A report with recommendations was made identifying risk factors.

Integrated Anishinabek Health Programs Model (April 2013)

Under contract to the Anishinabek Nation, Williams Consulting identified and reviewed all existing funding agreements between the federal, provincial and Ontario First Nations within the Anishinabek territory identifying opportunities for integrations

Serpent River – Integrated Health and Social Services Policy Framework

Serpent River First Nation is aiming to develop an Integrated Health and Social Services Policy Framework that will pull all services and service providers together within the health and social sectors.  Williams Consulting has been contracted to facilitate the development of this framework will discuss what is done, how services can work effectively together, look at the needs of the individual and community, address the gaps in programs and/or services, and evaluate effectiveness in improving the quality of life for Serpent River First Nation.  Consideration in this integration process will also be explored between the First Nation and local municipalities within the catchment area.  An integrated services plan, or framework, will be developed that will provide a consistent direction to all service providers that will meet the needs of community members and continue to meet the vision and mission of the Serpent River First Nation.  A second direction that is also being explored by Williams Consulting in this contract is ISO designation for the integrated services.

First Nation Land Management Regime Ontario First Nations Environmental Landscape

Meeting – Williams Consulting facilitated the first regional meeting of Ontario First Nation representatives and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada participating in the First Nations Land Management Act (FNLMA). Williams Consulting developed the agenda, facilitated presentations and discussions as well as provided a proceedings report for Ontario First Nations engaged in the Environmental Management Agreements.

First Nations Public Health Relationship Framework (October 2007 – March 2008)

Chiefs of Ontario contracted Williams Consulting to support the rollout of an important new initiative designed to improve the coordination of public health services on-reserve and guide Canada, Ontario and First Nations in delivering public health services on-reserve.  Ms Williams and team members have been supporting the establishment of a tripartite advisory committee that will ultimately be responsible for designing and implementing a First Nations/Public Health Relationship Framework that will address jurisdictional, governance, resourcing and infrastructure issues that currently impede public health service delivery in Ontario First Nations.  Williams Consulting has conducted a gap analysis, researched models of coordinated service delivery and facilitated strategic planning of the launch of this initiative.

Canadian Heritage – Environmental Scan of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Program (December 2004)

This Environmental Scan is intended to produce a forwarded looking analytical report, based upon a literature review and interviews with key stakeholders that will identify emerging trends relevant to future Aboriginal policies and programs.  This report focuses primarily on examining the larger relationship issues between the Federal Government and Aboriginal Peoples.  Andrea Williams was responsible for report writing on this file.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (September 1999 – March 2000)

A Research Associate with Maang Associates, an Aboriginal Research Firm, conducting the independent review of the Manitoba Framework Agreement Initiative.  Worked closely with the Principle Investigator and was one of three key team members assisting with the coordination and planning of the project, conducting field research and preparing the final report.  Responsibilities included: assisting in developing the proposal and planning reports, coordinating travel and meetings, conducting First Nation interviews with Chiefs, Tribal Council Representatives, Community Coordinators, conducting on-site First Nation Case Studies, coding, transcribing and analysis of Field Research and assisting in preparation of final reports and appendices.  Andrea Williams was senior analyst and responsible for data collection and analysis and report writing.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Framework Agreement Initiative – Government Options Paper (November 1999)

Sub-contracted to compile the data from 140 Elders Interviews into a draft final report.  Andrea Williams was senior analyst and responsible for data collection and analysis and report writing.