The Williams Consulting Approach

Our team’s approach comes from years of combined experience carrying out training, post secondary instruction, facilitation with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders, curriculum development, research, analysis, and presenting findings in clear and concise formats in visual and written forms. Included in our team is the capability for providing fully bilingual services. Williams Consulting references key principles to guide its work and development of the projects we participate in.


We believe in facilitating:

  • A visionary process in which stakeholders identify their vision for the project. This is often referred to as intuitive knowledge. In order to achieve that vision, it is necessary to first gain an understanding of what the current situation is.

  • Relationship Building, by taking the time to establish relationships, by learning from one another, by ensuring that all are kept informed of the project process and progress. We understand that we have a responsibility to enable all participants and stakeholders in the project to share their knowledge, ideas and thoughts through building safe and mutually reciprocal relationships.

  • Knowledge shared with us, by establishing trust with the participants and communicating with them that we understand that the information shared with us is well-thought out, is reflective of their situation and as such should be treated with the respect that wisdom and learned knowledge deserves. We acknowledge that the participants have busy lives and we are respectful of their time and information that they share with us.

  • Movement and strength, by coming together in a respectful way, by listening, and by describing and analysing the information with the goal of moving towards the development of a useful and effective program, strategy, policy or report.